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Walton best mobile phone list and their detail with price


Want to know about Walton best mobile phone of Walton is a very common thing to Bangladeshi people. As usual, this is the very common electronics company in this country. They have a lot of attractive mobiles. Here we show you those best and most wanted mobile phone of Walton. Those phones are best for their price and specification.

Best of Walton mobile phones list and specification

From the starting time to till now, Walton has released more than 30 mobile phones in Bangladesh. But let us show you what is best for those phones. Here we describe their specification and price also.

Walton Primo S6: The camera phone

Walton Primo S6 | Walton best mobile phone
Walton Primo S6

The phone support 4G internet. The phone comes with 4000mAh battery. The battery is not removable. There are two different colors of Walton Primo S6 in a market and they are gold and black.

  • The main feature of the phone is there are 16megapixel back camera and 13-megapixel front camera. Both of selfie and mobile photography lover will accept the phone with joy. Few of mode is added to the device like HDR, panorama and one more mode is professional mode. You can get the professional photo by using this mode. There is BSI 5p lance on the phone.  f/2.2 aperture and auto face recognition, face detector are also added.
  • Display of the phone is 5.2 inch and there are 3GB ram and 16GB phone memory. The price of the phone is 15600 taka.
  • Dual SIM and 128GB micro SD card supported. Fingerprint and lot of other sensor are added to the device. Check the details on our website.


Walton Primo H6 Lite: The large phone

Walton Primo H6 Lite | Walton best mobile phone
Walton Primo H6 Lite

Definition of the perfect phone is not same to every person. Few of them are looking for a better camera phone. Maybe other people are looking for the large display phone. The Walton H6 lite is this type of phone.

  • There is a large display on primo H6 mobile. It is 5.5 inch. Because of the largeness, people can treat it like a mini tab. The color constraint is also better of the phone. it is s 1280×720 pixel color reproductive mobile phone. HD IPS technology makes the phone more attractive. The person who likes to watch movie or video on mobile will be happy after having this kind of mobile phone.
  • On another part, the phone has 8 and 13-megapixel camera as we as. BSI sensor makes the camera more powerful. Price of the phone is 9600 taka.
  • There are the lot of sensors like accelerometer, light sensor and hall sensor. there is 2GB Ram memory and 16GB phone memory are on the device the phone was available on the market in July.


Walton Primo NH3: The phone in budget

Walton Primo NH3 | Walton best mobile phone
Walton Primo NH3

Have a smartphone is budget is not an easy matter. The configuration will be low most of the time from our budget. But Walton primo NH3 may is a type of mobile what is you expect and it is in your budget. Support 3G and dual SIM at a time. There are a 2800mAh battery and 5.5 large display. You will be amazed to know that the price of the Walton primo NH3 is only 7800 taka.

  • There is the 13-megapixel camera on its main part and there is the 5-megapixel camera on the front part. BSI sensor, HDR and panorama mode what not are added on the camera. Three different colors of NH3 is available on the market. Golden, black and coffee color. Its 2.5D curve display makes a different and attractive view of the phone.
  • 2GB ram and 16GB phone memory on it. The important sensor like accelerometer and proximity sensor are available. Better video recording and another facility like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is also available.


Walton Primo EF5i: Cheap phone for regular use

walton primo EF5i | Walton best mobile phone
Walton primo EF5i

Most of the time having a mobile phone is become important. On those time what kind of mobile phone we have is not important to us. I mean you may be looking for a mobile phone for regular use in cheap and you don’t need better configuration. Walton Primo EF5i is the thing what you actually want.

  • Guess what is the price of the phone? It is only 4400 taka. Having a mobile phone in this type of budge is really amazing to me.
  • The phone has 5megapixel and 2-megapixel camera according on its back and front part. There are BSI sensor and LED flash on this camera. There is 2250mAh batter also.
  • The phone also has pretty large display what is about 5 inches and it is HD touchscreen. It also supports multi-figure touch function. This is actually a 3G supported mobile phone.
  • The function of ram is actually poor. Because there is only 512MB ram on the phone. And 8GB rom.


Here is our Walton best mobile phone review and list. The company really produce good mobile phones. They also provide one year warranty during the time of buy. Keep your warranty paper and other accessories with you. Hope you will be happy after use.


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