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The thing OTG is a system how you can add any USB memory device with your mobile or other device. OTG pen drive support mobile phones are really special to mobile phone lovers. Because this is an important feature always. It may help to use and check data from your external memory device like pen drive or hard disk. In fact the OTG increase acceptance of mobile phone to the people. A simple mobile will be amazing if it have the OTG system because user can browse and use data from other device. Check all those OTG supported mobile phone here.

OTG pen drive supported mobile and tabs detail

One thing I have to mention that, the full form of OTG is on to go. That mean if you have an OTG supported mobile phone then, no need to open the memory part to copy or cut any file. Just insert the OTG cable under the phone and join your external memory device on other port of OTG cable. This is it. Now you can copy, paste or cut any data of your device. This is an amazing solution to access data. All those OTG pen drive supported mobile phone and tablet computer list are given here.

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