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Shakib Khan and his wife information and marriage date


Finally, the thing becomes disclose. In Dhallywood, there was a rumor about Shakib Khan and his wife Apu. That was like that, they have to play something fishy before make their relation to a scandal. Even on all of those TV show, they have denial about their relationship. And they say that they are only good friends. Nothing more. But recently Apu Biswas flash all those secret. In this article here we share all information about Shakib Khan and her present wife.

Shakib Khan and his wife info and secret reveal

Shakib Khan and his wife
Shakib and Apu

There was a Hindu actress in Bangladesh movie industry. People know her as Apu Biswas. Most of the move she has act are against Shakib. Fans of their couple think they have the secret relation. Moreover, that was true. They have secret relation even they have getting married. At the time of marriage, Apu changes her name and religion. Her new name is Apu Islam Khan and the new religion is Islam. But after falling a trouble, they explain about their relation. And this is happened after having a baby.

  • Wife: Apu Islam Khan
  • Marriage date: since 2008
  • Baby: Abraham Khan Joy

But now they are happy. Shakib Khan and his wife decide their life goal feed their baby properly. After conceiving, Apu leaves her acting profession. But now she tries to go back to the acting platform again and do something for Bangla movie industry. But the scandal about their relation makes their career funny. And lots of fans was starting the controversy about that on internet social media.


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