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Salman khan sister Arpita khan and Alvira khan


Wild and great actor Salman comes from the famous khan family. There is two Salman khan sister in her family. Salim khan is the father of them and mother name is Salma khan. Both of sisters are younger than Salman and they are also famous like him. Those sisters are famous for not only their brother but also their good behave. Let’s introduce them.


Salman khan sister biography and detail

Here we are going to present few similar thing what are exist between her both sister.  What are given below.

  • Both sisters are not elder than Salman.
  • They are not included with media like their brother.
  • They are also frankly to all people.
  • Both girls were the birth on Mumbai, and they are married now.
Salman khan sister
Sister of Salman khan

Arpita khan: The name was the most searchable keyword in google once upon a time. The color of her skin is not too light like Salman. But she is famous for her cute smile and well behaves. Her husband name is Aayush Sharma and she is the youngest girl in khan family. She is an interior design. She has a son also. She and her husband are now happy like a cute couple.

Alvira khan: She is the elder daughter of Salim khan and younger than Salman. She is not like dark Arpita. Now she leads a married life with her husband and two babies. There are a few of successful lady fashion designer in India and Alvia is one of them. She is not like so-called the housewife. She makes a trend in India to be an independent lady. Movie producer Atul is her husband. And this couple is now also success in their married life.

Both Salman khan sister has respect for their brother. They also love their brother. After release all Salman khan movie they promote it and go to the cinema hall to watch the movie. They do not show their ego like other so-called Bollywood famous guy.


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