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Sachin movie: A Billion Dreams | the story and trailer


On India, there are a sense that Sachin Tendulkar is the god of cricket. From the thinking, the famous Bollywood filmmaker James Erskine are decide to make a movie what will represent their god of cricket. Sachin movie idea is not coming from MS dhoni film. But there are few similar things on both movies. But people have more attraction about the movie Sachin. It’s just because they love Sachin a lot. On this movie, Sachin Tendulkar act by own and the music will be made by legend AR Rahman.


Sachin movie story and begging are come from

Sachin movie
Sachin: film official poster

The Sachin story comes from the real life history of Cricketer Tendulkar. But the director James Erskine makes the history more delight and enjoyable. On the movie, you will discover a child who was the today’s cricket king and he was wild at the very early time of her life. All the success and inspiring thing of this person life will highlight on the film. Make a too much commercial film is not target about this movie. But director wants to make it delighted what will keep Sachin to Indians mind always.


Information and star-cast Sachin full movie

There I going to information about Sachin full film. Actually, not only Bollywood people but also superstars are crazy to watch. For the first time, a endian cricket superstar is going to act in a movie as a lead character. It’s really crazy I think.

Director and writerJames Erskine
ActorSachin Tendulkar
MusicAR Rahman
LanguageHindi, English (sub title)


Most of the Indian celebrity like SRK, Sourav gangly are excited to watching the movie at the cinema hall. Not only stars but also fans are also waiting. This is not the typical commercial movie. All member of the film is really doing a lot to make the film catchier.  Sachin will play the own role in the movie. For the movie, he was practice about acting a lot.

A few number of the biographical movie was going hit in Indian movie history. But at the time we are really hopeful about Sachin full movie will create and break the history. Hope you will share this page on social media site. And wish them good luck.


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