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Pohela Boishakh SMS, Songs, Picture Wallpaper And Shuvo Noboborsho Foods


In Bangladeshi life, there are Pohela boishakh celebration is a large part. This is like Bangla New Year. In Bangla, we are known about this Shuvo Noboborsho. The word Nobo mention English and Bosrho mean year. Total meaning is happy Bangla New Year. On this day the people of Bangladesh are celebrating and share good wished by Shuvo Noboborsho SMS and wallpapers. People are going to make the status on Facebook and send wish on inbox.

So here we going to share Pohela Boishakh Wallpaper, SMS images songs and another important thing what will really help you to prepare and celebrate the day with your loving persons.


Pohela boishakh SMS text, wishes and quotes collection

As usual, people are like to share wished with poetry. In fact, we also love to have the message with poetry, and it is pretty much sweet to everyone. Here I am going to share few wished text, quotes and Pohela boishakh SMS what will help you to share your happiness with your favorite person. At the era of mobile phone and internet social network, sending the short message by mobile to mobile of Facebook is a standard. Even we also can use this as Facebook status.


  • Adhar veto kore shurjo kiron proti jibon duaare pouche jaak
    Japito jibone jabotio glani vule,
    esho rangiea tuli bangla notun bochor
  • Noboborshe Noborup, Rangiea dik protiti muhurto
    shundor shomriddho howk protiti muhurto
  • Muche jaak shokol kolushota
    shantir barta nil kham e pathalam
    Shudiner shu batash tomay dilam
  • Dhak dhol madoler tale, Rong beronger moner dewale
    Bangali shonghoskriti ujjibito thak juge juge.


Wishes: now we are going to the part of Shuvo Noboborsho wishes. You can think the wished are the really silly thing. But the matter is opposite. If you send Pohela boishakh wishes to your friend of loving person, he should be happy. But you have to use few creative way. You can send him or her wished by card. When he open the card and read you’re wished he will be damn happy.

  • Notun bochore onek onek shofolota tor sathi howk.
  • Purono din gulo cholo vule jai, notun kore nijeder khuje pai.
  • Iccha gulo tomar howk purno, dukkho ar hotasha howk shunno
  • Amar rong vora akash tomay dilam, aro dilam Shuvo Noboborsho wish amar.


Quotes: people are also want to about Pohela boishakh quotes what make the day beautiful. There I am going to share those with you. But we expect to you that you will contribute to us by sharing the article on social media network. Your contribute is out inspire what are bits of help are to do more for your support. Check quote from this article. The famous writer, poet, and storyteller have different Quote what are related this reason.


Pohela boishakh picture, wallpaper, photo, and images

Having and sending images and wallpaper is an art now a day. People have now mobile phone, internet connection, and Facebook id. So we can say that Pohela boishakh picture works like a basic needs. You can also upload those photo on your Facebook ID and use as the cover phone, profile picture. At the when you use the image, don’t forget to give our credit. Giving credit is a not too much tuff you. But is helpful and inspiring to us.

Pohela boishakh wallpaper

on the red images you can find out the out look and most common design of bangali life. There are a mask and other known thing on this photo.

Pohela boishakh Red image
Cover photo of Boishakh

There are another popular pohela boishakh images what most of bangladeshi people like. The red color mention the red sun flag.

Pohela boishakh wallpaper
Cover photo

On this image there i gave you a photo of sun. and there are a poem also what are related with bangla new year.

Pohela boishakh and noboborsho suvecca
Pohela boishakh er shuveccha

At this image there i mention the true nature of bangladeshi native life. Book, toy and pot everythings are shown on this images.

Pohela boishakh wallpaper
Wallpaper of Noboborsho


Pohela boishakh Shari and dress

This in not like that you have to follow a dress code. But there are few option to show your Bengali sense. For that reason, you can wear cotton, Shari. Is should be colored by natural color like red or yellow. Now there are few fashion hours who are selling really awesome and quality Shari what are perfect to use a Shuvo Noboborsho Shari. We really support you to where Shari and we also suggest you stop dirtiness and keep yourself safe.

Dress: Without share, you can also wear 3 pieces. People of Bangladeshi are love to use this kind of dress. You should avoid the Shirt and pant. Because both of shirt and pant are not part of Bangla culture and they are coming from the west. Boy and men can take Panjabi pajama. Fouta also a famous Bengali dress.

Makeup: you can want to know about makeup. At the very first time, I am going to make you sure that, too much makeup is always annoying to all person. To avoid this. Use normal makeup. After over the make you should use the flower on hair. Nupur and Alta are for your feet. To make your hands more glorious you can use Mehdi there.

Noboborsho food and all programs

At the day of Pohela boishakh 2017 there arrange fair everywhere in BD. In this fair, you can buy few tasty and Bengali food. Not only food, there you can also buy fruits. There is a tradition like eat panta vaat with Elisha fish and various kind of vorta. It is not about fun. Those food are also tasty. BD peoples are eating this type food till thousands of year. Other food what you can eat like Achar, Batasha, fruits, ice cream and other. Don’t forget to drink water properly. Because water is too much impotent here.

Program: there are all television channels are announced special program to celebrate the day. at the same day radio stations are also broadcast special song. On the same article, I share all those best songs what will make you fresh at the day. After the visit, the boishaki mela don’t forget to participate on roth jatra. It is not only interstation but also is a part of Noboborsho.


Pohela boishakh songs and poem

A lot of favorite songs what are people know as noboborsho gaan and Bangladeshi people like it too much. Here I give a list of those favorite Pohela boishakh song for you. Hope you will like it. You can download all songs from our website. Check another article to download those songs. Your satisfaction is our expectation. Download noboborsho songs from here.


Few things I want to say

After over the long article, we are going to the last part of it. But here I try of make you sure one thing that, people are wisely saying that, “religion is own and, feasible for all”. But from common sense, I really hate the things. You can ask me why. First of all think. The religion feasible is a part of releasing. If we say, religion is own, then how the feasible is going to everyone? Do whatever you want. But before do anything, use your brain and make sense.

What can you do?

  1. You can take photo a lot with your friends
  2. You can celebrate your Noboborsho at TSE.
  3. After having a lot of photos of Pohela Boishakh and you can share them on social media network.
  4. You can sing songs at selected place.

But you have nor ride to disturb another person by play songs at loud volume. You should avoid the way that you use cloth dirtily. Keep your self-safe. Don’t go outside without your trusted person.

Actually now a day shuvo Noboborsho and Pohela boishakh is a non-cut able part in our life. at the day all of Bangladeshi TV Channel are broadcast special program. Newspaper and Radios are also doing the same thing. Now people are doing and having few special thing at the day. Our defense force like police and army also provides the special security to this day.

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Overall the day is an important occasion to our nation. We the livetohall.com family wish to you about Shuvo Pohela boishakh Celebration. Bangladeshi and Bengali people are celebrating this day with the lot of joy and expectation that New Year will come with a lot of happiness. We pray to god that, you will get more happiness on new year. All of your sadness and bad time will lose from the first day of bangla new year.



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