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Pohela Boishakh kobita and poem from Bangla literature


Each year in Bangladesh people are celebrate the Pohela Boishakh at the date of 14 April. This is the very first day of Bangla calendar. I mean this is the beginning of New Year. Also a public holiday in Bangladesh. This day people are meet one to other and share their happiness with all. It’s a kind of fair of life.

At the Noboborsho day, you need Pohela Boishakh kobita and poem to share your wish with rhythm. Our Bangla literature is too much developed at with its lot of poem and songs resource. There we inspire you to go with Bangla.

Pohela Boishakh kobita what you like

In this season we are sharing you those expected Pohela Boishakh kobita and poem. You should be like those things must be. Those poems are written by all of our famous writer and poet of Bangladesh. Especially those poems are written for the very first day of Bangla New Year. You can send those screen short of kobita to your favorite person by online or mobile to mobile. It will help you to develop your relation. The first poem is given below.

Pohela Boishakh kobita

The second poem is written by Rabindranath Thakur. Lots of Thakur loves are appreciated the poem. And most of the time they select the poem to read in Noboborsho.

Pohela Boishakh kobita

The Last poem is written by Razib shen. He is one of up to date and the young poet. He is from India and now he also has a lot of fans.

Pohela Boishakh kobita

All those Pohela Boishakh kobita is written by famous and talented Bengali poet. Those poems indicate the pleasure of mind what are felt by Bengali people during the first day of Bangla year. There are multiple reasons to select the poem for Pohela Boishakh.

  • People are practice poem loudly.
  • They use the poem to share wishes.
  • They write the poem of sharee and Panjabi.
  • Few of time those poems become songs.

So there are all those things are important in Bangla literature. There are not too useless. Go with Bangla Pohela Boishakh kobita and try to love them. Because only Bangla is our root. And to love and develop the language is our duty. We are only one nation, who gave blood just because of the love for language. If we avoid that duty to our language, then it will be the betray against our history and root. Wish everyone for Bangla Noboborsho.


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