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OTG supported mobiles in Micromax information and price


OTG or on to go system is one of the most expected systems to the mobile phone user. Now a day OTG supported mobile in Micromax become too much popular. The company made the mobile phone in the pretty much cheap budget and for the Indian and Bangladesh people. For this reason, those phone of Micromax with OTG become too popular. The common matter of them is, all of them are operated by Android operating system. Let me present a list of those phone of Micromax what support OTG system.

The OTG supported mobile phone in Micromax Company

All those phone lists are given below. Those all phone are from Micromax family and support OTG system. There is a short review of each phone given.

  • Micromax Bharat 4
Micromax Bharat 4 price in bangladesh
Micromax Bharat 4

In the low budget, the Micromax Bharat 4 is a good choice. The phone has minimum 5-inch display and 5-megapixel camera. Display of the phone is not covered with gorilla coating protector. This is the one of OTG system supported the mobile phone. The phone does not have a lot of better configuration. But it is better if you have the budget under 7 thousand taka.

  • Micromax Canvas Infinity
Micromax Canvas Infinity price in bangladesh
Micromax Canvas Infinity

I love the design of Micromax Canvas Infinity mobile. The front part of the device really gives it premium look. It has a large full-screen display. 3G ram and 32 GB phone memory make the phone faster. 13megapixel light phone camera and heavy battery make the phone prepare for long time use. You will feel the real meaning of Accelerometer when you use the phone. And of course, this is one of Micromax mobile what is with OTG connection.

  • Micromax Evok Dual Note
Micromax Evok Dual Note price in bangladesh
Micromax Evok Dual Note

The Evok Dual Note is a type of mobile phone what has the large display of 5.5 inches and fingerprint. In Bangladesh, the user can collect the phone at 14000 taka. Like another device, there are 3GB ram and 32GB phone memory. The camera is also really good. There is various color of this phone but I love its white version. Simply the phone supports OTG and it has better-built quality. You can get the phone for ruff use purpose.

  • Micromax Canvas 1
Micromax Canvas 1 price in bangladesh
Micromax Canvas 1

The phone pretty much looks like iPhone 7 from the back side. The camera panel and the back part are not stated on the same surface. In the minimum budget, you can get the phone easily. There are 2GB ram and 8megapixel rare camera. On the front, part Micromax canvas 1 has a 5megapixel camera. Mate black and chrome black two different type of this phone are available on market.

  • Micromax Dual 5
Micromax Dual 5 price in bangladesh
Micromax Dual 5

The dual flagship mobiles are pretty much expensive mobile in Micromax. The OTG supported mobiles in Micromax are become have for the flagship. Minimum 29000 taka is the price of Micromax dual 5. There is the perfect configuration of its camera, memory and other things. The user should love the outlook of the phone. Highly perform the figure print sensor. Even there are a lot of security system of the phone have. This is as amazing as I say actually.

  • Micromax Canvas Spark 3
Micromax Canvas Spark 3 price in bangladesh
Micromax Canvas Spark 3

The spark 3 is a nice mobile in low budget. There are the only black color of this phone on the market with 1GB ram and 16GB storage. This is another mobile from Micromax what support OTG connection. There are one-gigabyte ram and the normal camera. The outlook is pretty much ok. Check the photo of the phone. Hope you will like it.

There are you all those OTG supported mobiles in Micromax family. Here I try to cover all those things are important. Hope it will make you happy. Check that information. If you need more information then go to the detail product review page by clicking on the name of mobile.


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