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Nokia job circular 2017 requirement, salary, and facility in Bangladesh


After a lot of years, Nokia Bangladesh has published their job circular. On latest circular, they are looking for few employee on their official sector. Those people who are able to write well have better priority on this job. Student and part time job seeker are not accepted here. The new what will make you happy that is, there is no age limitation and it will never make the problem about gender.

Job description according to Nokia job circular 2017

nokia job circular 2017

The job holder should be serious and, the must follow all official rules. It is a full-time job and well salary will give. On job circular of Nokia Bangladesh, they describe that they are looking for that person who is able to blog writing. If they have the idea about using WordPress then it will play a role as advance skill. Here all description are given below.

  • Timetable: the job circular is published by Nokia Bangladesh at 2nd July of 2017. And the date of application will be over after 2nd August 2017. If you want, apply before the deadline.
  • Job title and salary: copywriter. The salary will depend on qualification and service.
  • Past experience: past experience is not important. Nokia is a well-known company. They are looking for excellence. Not experience.
  • Age and gender: the limited of age does not matter. Anyone man or women whatever who have enough qualification can apply on the job. Only qualification talks.


Nokia Bangladesh job circular 2017 work requirement

On Nokia job circular 2017 for Bangladesh, the company was mention all those requirements. Few of them are the mandatory requirement. And other requirements are optional. The 1st and common requirement is, the expected copywriter should have enough ability to read and write English property. This is the 1st and primary expectation.

  • Applicant should have the bachelor degree in journalism, English or another subject like that. Expected CGPA/CG 3.0. But if he has other side skill, then CGPA will concede.
  • Having knowledge about technology, update the world and other are important. Creative mind and generating new idea are also another basic thing.
  • HTML and Photoshop will provide priority. Those people who have knowledge about French have more acceptance.

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A copywriter will create nice content what are use on internationally. It is closely related to marketing and directly make help to deal with other nation. They have to make the product related post and reviews. This is the reason, Nokia wants the qualified content writer. They are determined to pay the good salary. Interested people can apply from here.


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