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Mustafizur Rahman salary and match fee from BCB


Maybe 5 years ago there was no one who can perfect fast bowling in Bangladesh without Mashrafe. Mustafiz changes the thinking. Mustafizur Rahman salary is our today’s context. He is the most successful Bangladeshi young bowler. And he is the perfect bowling star in this era. There are the lot of young bowlers who takes inspiration from Mustafiz. For their knowing purpose here we are the present salary of Mustafizur Rahman from BCB and her match fees.

Mustafizur Rahman salary per month from board

Mustafizur Rahman salary and match fee

A few days ago BCB increases the pay scale to her player. After increase the pay scale, all players are able to get more money from the board. Their match fees also increase the salary. Price money, and earning from other sector do not include with their salary.

Mustafizur Rahman is a B category. It is because of her experience and credit. He gets the salary like another player of B category. Monthly he gets 200000 taka as her basic salary. For each one day international match he gets 200,000, test 350000 taka and T20 125000 taka as match fee. It is the makeable matter that, all player of the national team gets same match fee. But they do not get the same salary.

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In cricket world, he is known as Mr. fizz. Mustafizur Rahman salary looks like simple. But he earns a lot of money from Indian League and other sources. On another hand, he is a worth for Bangladesh at present time.


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