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MIST admission question paper format and exam duration


The MIST is the one of important and major engineering institute in Bangladesh. The university is operated by Bangladesh army. MIST admission question paper format is not similar to another university. They do not support MCQ type question. And they really filter the real talent for advance grooming. Check the question paper of MIST admission below.

MIST admission test question paper detail

MIST admission question paper

Basically, there are two different unit in MIST. Unit A and Unit B. question format of both unit are not same and it is different here. Unit A is for regular engineering subject. On unit B there are all about architecture. Examinee of both units will face the written test. Forget about the MCQ type question of the typical another university of Bangladesh.

Question paper of A unit:

On A unit all of those students who are going to participate in the exam will have 3 hours. It will be fully written and there are 4 different subjects what they have to face on the exam. Math, physics, chemistry, and English. The number schedule I have given below.

  • Math: 80
  • Physics: 60
  • Chemistry: 40
  • English: 20

It will be the exam of 200 marks. Having passed on the individual subject is important. Admission question paper of MIST will be as standard as you think. Both of civil and non-civil student can admit on this unit. But they have to pass the exam.

Question paper of B unit:

on the B unit of MIST question format will be same. But there are one more thing will be extra. That is, the authority of MIST will take drawing and subject related exam. And it will be out of 100 marks. I mean regular question format like A unit + drawing. The mark and time duration will give below.

  1. Same Exam of A unit: mark = 200 and time will be 3 hours.
  2. A simple break to have lunch or other.
  3. Then it will exam more on the drawing. It will 100 marks and 1 hour long.

Finally, the MIST B unit exam will be of 300 marks. it is also mandatory to pass on each subject particularly. So there is your MIST admission test question paper. Read and write I men practice properly before participating in the exam.


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