Josna o Jononir Golpo by Humayun Ahmed PDF book download

In Bangladeshi book lovers heart there Humayun Ahmed has a large part. The book Josna o Jononir Golpo is another gift from this person to her fan. Naturally, the writer used to write the book about love and Spiritual topic. But Josna o Jononir Golpo by Humayun Ahmed is not like that. It’s a book about the mother. The writer mentions her country (Bangladesh) as her mother. On this book, he presents her thinking about “what should we do about our country”.


Josna o Jononir Golpo by Humayun Ahmed full books

Josna o Jononir Golpo is a Bangla name. In English, it will be the story of moon and mother. Bangladeshi mention the word mother for two different meaning. One is the own mother, another is the country mother. In this book, Humayun tries to make the focus on both mothers. Check the novel from below.

At the time when the book was released on market, fans were really happy after reading the book. Because it was a different type and truly educative book. It also proved that Humayun has due love to her country. It was really appraisable.

  • Book size: 22.7 MB
  • Release date: 2002
  • Download: here
Josna o Jononir Golpo cover page
cover of Josna o Jononir Golpo book

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Actually the book Josna o Jononir Golpo make a huge crowd on Humayun Ahmed fans society. It makes awareness to love mother. Check out her another classical book nondito noroke PDF from this site. This book is also famous like another book of Humayun. In fact someone movie director makes drama what are based on this story.

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