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Highest paid actress in Tollywood Bengali movie at recent time


There are a lot of brilliant actress in Kolkata. They are fall in the race for highest paid actress in Tollywood each year. For having the better payment they act and perform better. Even they are also dedicating a lot of their work. People are actually familiar with Indian actor salary list. But how much are known about the Bengali actress salary list? In this article, we are going to cover this thing about Tollywood actress who gets the highest money for acting.

Highest paid actress in Tollywood film industry

There are a lot of actress and side actress in Tollywood. Even who the actress get a large amount of payment, once upon a time she was new and she was getting small amount for per movie. So don’t judge them by their past. That information is collecting from the internet and another source.

Actress Rank Rate Images
Puja Bose #5 Rs. 40 lakh to 80 lakh   
Nusrat Jahan #4 Rs. 40 lakh to 1 core  
Mimi Chatterjee #3 Rs. 50 lakh to 1 core  
Koyel Mallick #2 Rs. 90 lakh to 1.2 core  
Shuvosri Ganguly #1 Rs. 90 lakh to 1.5 core  


If you have any doubt about that information, then put a comment below. One thing what, they really deserve this much payment. Few day ago we published an article about Bengali film actor Dev salary. You can also check that from our site. As additional information, most of actor and actress are love to do their work as a freelancer.


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