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Grameenphone internet packages detail and activation code


The largest mobile phone network is Grameenphone in Bangladesh. People really love Grameenphone internet packages for its own facilities. This is true that those packages are pretty much expensive. But it will be recouped when you will have their better service. Number one point is, they provide actual 3G speed. The point is after that, are they provide better security. The rest point is in Bangladesh there are everywhere you will found the network of Grameenphone. When you get all those facilities only in a mobile operator, they why will go other?

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Grameenphone internet packages statement and information

Basically, those information is all about Grameenphone regular and familiar internet packages.  If you want to know about GP internet offer then go post this website. Here I am trying to cover all of running GP internet packages detail and code of activation. Hope all of that information will help to Grameenphone users. Before begin, don’t miss to share us on Facebook.  Share information to your Grameenphone user friend.

1MBPS packages

The Grameenphone 1MB per second internet packages are the smarter thing for the regular user. The regular user mean student, personal user, part time users and another non-heavy user. Those packages are also perfect for the tablet and laptop users.

04 MB02 days2 TKSend 4MB to 5000
35 MB07 days15 TK*500*40#
75 MB07 days30 TKSend 75MB to 5000
100 MB30 days45 TKSend 100MB to 5000
200 MB07 days65 TK*500*41#
250 MB28 days99 TKSend 250MB to 5000
500 MB28 days175 TKSend 500MB to 5000
01 GB28 days275TKSend 1GB to 5000
02 GB28 days350 TKSend 2GB to 5000
04 GB28 days500 TK*500*42#


2MBPS packages

For official and multi computer uses those packages are perfect. People can use those packages via hotspot or router. The Even user will get enough speed from those internet packages. On the package, Grameenphone will offer you 20GB internet at 2000TK. It’s a monthly package. I mean you will able to enjoy the package till 30 days long. To get the Internet dial *5000*8*5#

Special packages

Let’s check those special internet packages of GP here. Those packages are perfect for all type of user and use. The first one of below is GP internet night package actually.

Unlimited28 days950 TKSend U to 5000
Unlimited30 days250 TK*5000*8*3#


How to check GP internet balance?

Having or buying Grameenphone internet packages are not everything. user have to know how they check internet packages of GP. The finest way is dial *567# and check your remaining internet of your account. There are few terms for that package. Like 17% vat and tax will apply.


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