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Gazi TV live streaming online


Gazi tv is the famous Bangladeshi TV channel, and they become famous after they stream cricket live. At the current time, most of the cricket matches of Bangladesh are live broadcast on the TV channel. The TV channel streams their content on MPEG-2 picture quality format. Now a day the Gazi TV live streaming become the top TRP TV station in Bangladesh.


Gazi TV live streaming | program and TRP rate

The TV channel has on content making team and own news reporter also. Without movie and film, they do not stream anything of the third party. They broadcast novel, magazine program, reality show, live cricket and other content. Before the broadcast, the cricket live the TRP was too poor. But now a day the TV channel get highest TRP around BD. The scale of TRP will grow more when the cricket lives.


Few information about Gazi TV and their organization


Here I present few information about the TV station. Hope it will help you to know about the TV channel.

Founded on12th June of 2012
Address25 of shegun bagicha at Dhaka
MotoBisshomoy Bangladesh
Available areaWhole Bangladesh, (also available on our website)


Without cricket, there is few special section of the TV station what 9XM become most popular now a day. The satellite television can broadcast video at 1080 pixel. Simply it will be crystal. And sound are also clear. They have a motto that is bisshomoy Bangladesh. The English synonym of the word is Bangladesh is everywhere. By the motto, they try to explain that, they broadcast the life and experience to the whole world. Enjoy Gazi TV live streaming here and share with your friend.


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