A lot of online games lovers are daily looking for shooting games. Those kind of people are now can play online shooting games on livetohall.com at free. In this page, we added new games what is apple shooter camp. As like as other games of our site, you can play this video games without downloading. The games are around fun and entertainment. Don’t leave us without trying this games. We also inform you about how to play this shooting games on online.


Play online shooting games information

Play online shooting games
Apple shooter camp

Here we are going to provide you instruction about the game. The apple shooter camp game is played between a BF and GF. You are the boyfriend and you have to shoot and apple. The apple you are going to shoot is stated on the upper part of your girlfriend. If you missed the shooting, then you girlfriend will be death. To know more check more instruction what we have given below.


  • To control the bow and arrow, use your mouse of your computer.
  • Try to hit the arrow on the apple what are on the head of your girlfriend.
  • After having a success, you will have another new level. And each new level will make the distance between you and your girlfriend larger.
  • After having a loss you will lose a level. That mean you go the backward level.

The person who is really trying the online shooting games from our website will be happy. Because there is no need of too much effort and it is like a freestyle. And hope you will share this one with your friend after play. The most amazing part of the game is apple shooter camp is a small game what have few simple rules. Because of there are no hard rules, it will not make any bad experience to you.

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