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Dhaka university admission tips | 7 proven killer tips


This is the time to ending your collage life. And I know you are getting ready to university admission. Most of you guys are tries to admit on Dhaka University. And here I give you Dhaka university admission tips what will help you. Moreover those tips are proven. Hard work are not only thing what will help you to get chance to admission. Let’s revile those proven secret.

Dhaka university admission tips for all unit

Dhaka university admission tips

#1 Study regular: reading and memorizing is method and practice as well as. During the admission period in your daily life, it is not too much important to study more than 6 hour. But it should be regular and routine wise. Because this practice will release the pressure from your brain and help to keep everything on your memory. No matter what the day is. EID, holiday, birthday whatever. Try to read regularly.

#2 focus on the previous year question: this is another Dhaka university admission tips and hacks. We there have a lot of student who read a lot. But never keep focus on previous year question. There you have to do 2 different thing. Skip the last year question. And solve the previous 10 or 12 year question. Because you will get more then 30 or 35 mark of question from here. And you can earn the score easily.

#3 try to participate at exam at coaching: we always try to skip the exam. Actually exams are boring and this is the reason we try to avoid. But actually it helps to build our confidence. Whatever you read at home, just try to memorize and never missed the exam at coaching. Because after exam when you are going to solve the question by own, you will discover the difference between the wrong and wright.

#4 don’t take anything seriously without education: this tips will works to Dhaka university admission. We common student love to do co-curriculum activates like singing, dancing or other thing. But remember one thing that you have only one brain and it is able to do only one thing perfectly at a time. But when you try to concentered at two or more thing at a time, then I will never give you better output. It is not about it will kill your time. It actually kill your productivity of study and memory.  I strongly suggest you about that.

#5 Proper Sleeping habit: sleep is important to keep your brain well. So proper sleeping is important. But I want to mention you about different thing. When you go to bed and switch off your light, you can do something special what will helps you remember all those question and answer. This is try to remember what you read all the day long. It may takes 5 minute. After remember all those things then go to sleep. You can do this again after over the sleep.

#6 Work for a fixed aim: the final suggestion and tips for Dhaka university admission is, work for a fixed aim. Keep study for a fixed unit. Before start preparation, make sure yourself what is your targeted unit. And study for that. Never study for 2 or more than 2 unit. Because it will make pressure and sometimes it becomes pretty much impossible to get change.

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And here I want to give you another Dhaka university admission tips as a gift. That is take care of yourself. Try to keep own self happy. If possible try to make circle to those buddies who are study hard for your same unit. Sharing resources will inspiring you to get change there. Actually getting change on Dhaka University are not too much hard. Its is matter of how you works for that. With all of you for a very good luck.


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