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Dhaka University admission circular 2017-18 and notice


Admission in Dhaka University is a dream to most of the Bangladeshi student. Dhaka University admission circular 2017-18 have published recently. They are looking for the topper student of this year. The only current student who passes the HSC exam this year can perform on the exam of admission. Old and second-time students are not allowed this year. The total processing is started from form fill up and over after having the ID card. Here we are going to share the admission date and other important information of Dhaka university admission.

Dhaka University admission 2017-18 session criteria

Only qualified students deserve the study facility on Dhaka University. To admit on DU you have to follow those criteria what describe below.

Basic: basically, only those student who passed their HSC exam in the current year, are able to participate in the exam. Old and last year student are not able to participate.

Board exam score: there is minimum score needed what student should get on their SSC and HSC exam. There is no way to participate in the exam if anyone does not have this level score. Those scores are described below.

  1. KA unit: student must have GPA 8 after adding HSC and SSC score
  2. KHA unit: student must have GPA 7 after adding HSC and SSC score
  3. GA unit: student must have GPA 7.5 after adding HSC and SSC score
  4. GHA unit: student must have GPA 7 after adding HSC and SSC score without fourth subject
  5. CA unit: student must have GPA 6.5 after adding HSC and SSC score

Form fill up: after making sure that, student have enough score to HSC and SSC he/she can fill the form of Dhaka university exam. Only one way to fill up form, and it is on online. There is not an offline facility. It will need 350 taka per form. Go here for the admission for the fill-up.

Forbidden: remember one thing there are few forbidden thing on the admission session. Using mobile phone and calculator are highly forbidden. If you break any rules, the examiner can be expelled you. Even he has the power to keep you to police.

Dhaka University admission circular 2017-18

Dhaka University exam date of 2017-18 admission session

The honors level academic admission exam of Dhaka University will happen at the different time according to the different unit. Those time table also describe on the Dhaka university admission circular. The examine can participate in the exam for only single time. If anyone misses the chance then, he will never get any change to the exam.

Unit nameExam date
KA unit13th October
KHA unit22th September
GA unit15th September
GHA unit20 October
CHA unit16 September


  • Collect you admit card before participating in the exam.
  • Check here to collect your
  • Keep well preparation and make sure about the center of your exam.
  • Using the calculator and mobile phone is forbidden at the time of the exam.
  • You can check Dhaka university admission tips what will make you perfect.

How to know your Dhaka University admission sit:

After filling up the form and getting the admit card, know it is an important matter. You can find your sit by SMS on your mobile phone. This is more important and the easier thing at a time.  Go to the message option from your mobile phone and type DU <> your desired unit <> your roll number. And finally, send the text to 16321. It will notify your exam hall the current time.

Dhaka University is known as the Oxford of this state. They are unique from another university because of their discipline and well background. On this Dhaka University admission circular 2017 they are mention that, they are looking for those type of student who is able to keep the fame. So keep hard working on your study table. May Allah will give you the chance to touch the dream. Check other university admission circular here.


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