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Dhaka Attack movie songs, trailer, star cast, release date and story


Movie industry of Bangladesh has not become more specialized. Dhaka attack movie is a symbol one of them. Few raising, talented and famous Bengali actor actress are working on the film. If the compare comes between Bollywood and Dhallywood, then we are still pretty much backdated from few angel. But once upon a time, there was a golden past on Bangla movie industry. Whatever all those things, the movie like Dhaka attack will help and inspire our new generation to make the better movie. Finally, it will help us to recover our industry from vulgarism. Bangladesh young star Arifin Shuvoo and Mahiya Mahi act in this movie. On this film there comparatively new but talented ABM Sumon also act.

Dhaka attack banner

The main context of Dhaka attack movie is about Bangladeshi smart police and defense force. People have a sense about BD police that they are not too friendly and they are not updated from technology even there is few corruption on this force. But this movie will present a new underground police force who are really smart. Here you going to read about Dhaka attack full movie, songs, trailer, and story. But make sure that you share this site on social media network like Facebook.

Dhaka attack movie story and plot

The Story of Dhaka attack movie is written by Sani Sarwar. Average Bengali people are familiar with this kind of police force who are corrupted and not working for people. But there is a smart and intelligent police force in Bangladesh who works with the way of logic and scientific way. Their guns, weapon and working formula are also upgraded. But most of the people are not know about the. This movie is dedicated to them. Their film director was trying of showed the police force what I describe few ago.

Abid was a police officer of this police team and he was also a bomb disposal specialist. There was also a lady journalist named Sruti and she collects news about crime. Once upon a time there a terrorist group comes and attack the city. They kill people and put smile badge on their dead body. Citizens become scared after start this occurrence. Few of them are decide to leave the city. At this time the unit of police inspector Abid comes with their force and start the race to rescue the citizen from the terrorist.

Around all the movie there Bangladesh police are helping A to Z. they also provide weapon and manpower to complete for the shooting properly. To makes the thing proper, most of the senior police officer waste time a lot. After over the shooting, the director, and producer, arrange to thank the giving party for the police officer. They think after watching the movie, the distance between people and police will be less. And to make an up-to-date and safe generation, this one is too important.

Star cast:  At the very beginning time, I was said Mahiya Mahi, Shuvoo and Sumon acting in the movie as the lead character. But there Dipankar Dipon is the director of the film. Dhaka attack star cast will discuss on this season. You will be happy to know the Bollywood cinematographer Gopi Bhagat also works on the project. Without they, there are few creative and real police officers are the act. Bangladeshi most famous musicians are works for the movie. And the fun is police family of Dhaka gives support and shelter for the movie shooting.

Arifin ShuvooACP Abid
Mahiya MahiJournalist Sruti
ABM SumonSWAT specialist
Afzal HossainDPM police senior
MD kalamEditor
Gopi Bhagatcinematographer
Dipankar DiponDirector

The movie will come to market under the banner of Three Wheelers Films. And release in 7 countries without Bangladesh. You may think that the movie about the attack of Holey Artisan at last year. But you are completely wrong. Because the shooting started before Holy Artisan attack.

Dhaka Attack songs download free

All Dhaka attack songs are composed by Bangladeshi modern and famous musician Audit. And Indian talented musician Arindam Chatterjee also works here. To make those songs more delighted there DJ Rahat have a big contribution also. This one is not the first project where Audit and DJ Rahat works together. But this movie is the first Bangladeshi movie for Arindam Chatterjee and he is happy to works here. Few action and rock type songs are getting ready to make the movie perfect and complete. But the musician has also plan to modify the rock sense with classical.

Dhaka attack banner

Dhaka attack songs download facility will free for each public. But everyone should wait till release date of those songs. Arifin Shuvoo is familiar in Bangladesh like as a dancing here. But on this film, Shuvoo does not dance. He works only for make acting like real. This movie will be the inspiration if people like all thing of the movie even its songs also.

Trailer and teaser: the trailer of the Dhaka attack movie was released in the November of last year. After adding the view of the video from Facebook and YouTube it becomes more than 10lakh. People can say it is funny but they should know the market of the movie in our country is not too bigger. Getting ten lakh view is a milestone for this kind of movie. Lots of share and loving comments are twinkling below the video on the comment section.

Dhaka Attack full movie download from server

People are looking for Dhaka attack movie download facility. But few of them will go to movie hall. There is a difference between entertainment gainer and movie lover. The entertainment gainer will never go to movie hall. He goes to the internet and downloads the film. After having a break, he enjoys the movie and gets entertainment. But real fans never leave their loves on this downloaded file. They visit cinema hall and enjoy the movie with friends. And those real fans are important to uprising Bangla movie industry.

We will provide you Dhaka attack full movie download facility. But before that, you make promise us that, you will go to the hall and buy a ticket to watch the movie. Till then visit us regularly. Or you can bookmark us on your mobile phone or computer browser.

Few noticeable part of the movie:

  • This is not the first movie where Arifin Shuvoo and Mahiya Mahi acting together. Before this movie, they were acting on the movie Agnee.
  • The film will release on 14th April of 2017. Most of the cinema hall of Bangladesh will broadcast the film at a time.
  • The family of Bangladesh police family will get the free ticket to the movie.
  • The main target of Dhaka attack movie is reduction the distance between police and general people.
  • For the first time, Arifin Shuvoo going to present on screen with Mustache. He did the character of police before. But he did not act with Mustache.

Actually in Bangladesh there each year lots of movie release. But there is few movie only what are not commercial. Dhaka attack movie is one of them. Its 50% social and 50% commercial. Shuvoo, Mahi, and Sumon do not work here only for money. The act from the place of love. Dhaka metro police police try to present this movie to people like a gift.

That unique matter of Dhaka attack

  1. This is the first movie where Bangladesh police force is the main context. There is no movie before this one, where police of Bangladesh are highlighted.
  2. Risings superstar ABM Sumon works for the first time with Arifin Shuvoo and Mahiya Mahi.
  3. Dhaka attack is the first movie in Bangladesh, where police force helps the team of this film directly. Even most of the real police are acting in this movie.
  4. All those arms, gun and ammo will show in the movie is real. There is no demo gun even dummy fighter on the movie.
  5. This movie will release in seven different countries at a time.

The Dhaka attack full movie is about police working formula. It’s not romantic or so-called commercial film. In fact, there are not singles nude or unsocial clip. Total and full entertainment film it is. So you can watch this one with your family. The singer of Dhaka attack songs is really happy to explain that, he is now a part of this kind of Bengali movie. And the Bangla movie day by day going to improve itself. Keep a good with for them and share this page on social media site. Your share, suggestion and cinema hall traveling will inspire the director to make the new, unique and creative movie. So stay with us, if you support Bangladesh.


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