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Deyal by Humayun Ahmed pdf book download free


The Deyal is another creation of Humayun Ahmed. This senior writer’s father was a freedom fighter of Bangladesh. At the time of the war of 1971, her father was dead at the time war. The book Deyal by Humayun Ahmed is written about the war. At this book, he presents the time of liberation war of Bangladesh. on the book Deyal he mentions few side of war in Bangladesh.


Deyal by Humayun Ahmed pdf free book download

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After release Deyal by Humayun Ahmed pdf book a drama, the director makes a drama on this script. The drama made a huge popularity in Bangladesh. Because Bangladeshi people really love to know about their past and the glorious war of victory. This is not a book series. One kind of single publication of Humayun.

  • PDF Size: 4 MB
  • Published date: after 2000
  • Download: here

Deyal by Humayun Ahmed

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