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Dev salary per movie at current time and afford he gave


Dev is a professional actor in Tollywood industry now a day. And he is now a lot of serious about her profession. Dev salary per movie is too high. He is the type of a freelance. And he does not do any job under any company of movie director. He just takes a certain amount to work on any movie. The honest part is that he try best to give the best job on her all movie. All a result most of her past movie have become super hit. Now you are going to know about the Salary of Dev for per movie and the afford what he give to do it.

Dev salary per movie at running time

Dev salary per movie
Actor Dev

All Bengali actor salary per film is not same. It depends on her fans crowd and past success rate. Dev is the one of top 10 richest Bengali actor. He started her acting life at 2006 and now he gets success. Now he is not only an actor but also a politician. Even successful actor in Kolkata who sitting beside another senior politician. Here we mention the current salary information of Dev and it is not the past history.

  • On average he takes $100000 per movie.
  • As heights payment, he gets $300,000 for a movie.

People think celebrity and actors are lucky. Because they can earn money without any big pain. But they do not want to know the pain what are stay behind the screen. Body modification, dialogue and script memorize make the job harder. Front of those things 1 or 2 core rupees are simple payment.

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Moreover, Dev maintains the awesome fan base. These things give the advantage to promote the movie easily. Finally, an information is that at the present time he is the highest paid actor in Bengali film industry.


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