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Dev Bengali actor marriage photos and images


This funny thing is coming again. Few People think that actor Dev is lead a married life. But this is the entirely wrong idea. Actor Dev is a busy person and he does not married yet. Here we are going to clear Dev Bengali Actor marriage photos related rumor. Before that, we shared you about him and actress Subhashree relationship on this site. Check must.

Dev Bengali Actor marriage photos information

Dev and Subhashree marriage in movie set

So there are a lot of photo on the internet where you can discover Dev in the costume of the groom. Fans think those photos are from the married celebration of Dev. But this is totally wrong. After having breakup last time, he decides to work a lot and this is the reason did not get married. He is now passing love period between newcomers Rukmini. Even now they work together in the same film. So there is no reason to think like he is leading a married life. Hope now this is clear to you.


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