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Bengali actor Dev phone number, Facebook and biography


Dev is the kind of actor who is really famous in Bengali part of India. Bengali actor Dev phone number and her address are searching for her fans. Even there are lots of girls who are crazy for this person. Even people Kolkata are looking for the contract with her. So this time I try to cover this topic in this passage. Hope you are going to like this. Before that, there we were present an article few day ago what was about her married life. Check that if you missed it.

Bengali actor Dev phone number and other information

Bengali actor Dev phone number
Bengali Dev

Actually, he is the big celebrity and all her fans are want to meet with her. This is the reason, it will be the sometimes problem to meet with everyone. But here I provide the phone number of Dev just because of your need. But he may change the contract info if he needs. For this reason, I can not give you surety about that information will work perfectly all those time. But after check her family photo, people think he has a good heart. So he will give you time if he can.

Dev House Address
29B, 4th Tower, 375 South cities, Kolkata 700068, price Anwar Shah Road

Contract number
Dev.ak2004@gmail.com 9830858888, 9903799999

Here we provide that information but you may make sure something. That is you will never miss using Bengali actor Dev phone number ever. And there we also provide the information of her upcoming movie update on our website. You can check her Facebook profile to get update regularly.


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