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Bengali actor Dev family photo, house, girlfriend and wife


Most of Bengali movie lover girls are want to be the girlfriend of Dev. So here we present Bengali actor Dev family photo and house information. Even Dev girlfriend and wife relation information will also provide here. It will be also blessing to her mad fan. You guys can check her phone number from our site.

Bengali actor Dev family photo and members

Dev family photo with father
Family photo

The full name of Dev is Dipankar Adhikari. After starting acting on the front side of camera he changes her name. Now fans know him with the name Dev. All photo of Dev’s family is given in this article. Even her girlfriend information also. There are other articles on our website what provides information about her Phone number. Hope you will check it perfectly.

Bengali actor Dev wife name or girlfriend

Dev family photo

This is the talk of the town to all Bangla movie lover girl. That is, Dev is married or not? The answer is a big no. the actor is not married. But people have thought like, Dev girlfriend exists here. And her name is Rukmini. Recently he has acted on a move name champ. On this movie he and her girlfriend work together.

Dev family photo
Dev and father

As people know that, Dev is committed with all her deal. So we can expect that Dev will marry this girl. And she will be Dev’s wife after few days.

Dev family photo with her mother
Dev and mother

On the people who are looking for Bengali actor Dev family photo and images have few rumor. Like they think Dev and Subhashree marriage are true. This is totally wrong and there no more girlfriend without Rukmini. Hope you will be sharing this article on Facebook. And stay visit livetohall.com regularly.


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