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Arpita Khan Husband, wedding, baby name and photos


Indian people are want to know what who is the Arpita Khan husband or what is the name of her baby. Even they are also want to have the photo of her family. Basically, she is the sister of Bollywood sensation Salman Khan. But both do not come from the same mother. Salman’s father adopts the girl from the early age. In this article, you will be informed about Arpita’s wedding, baby name, husband, and photos.

Arpita Khan Husband name and detail

Arpita Khan Husband

The great media person Aayush Sharma is the husband of Arpita. From the early life of Aayush, he was thinking like once he will be the biggest director in India. He was complete her school life at deli public high school. And according to the birth, he is an Indian. Her father name is Sukh Ram. Aayush and Arpita Khan wedding date were fixed by their own plan. This thing mentions that he give her wife a lot of freedom. In fact, they are also happy now a lot.

Arpita Khan wedding date and photo

Arpita Khan wedding date

Aayush Sharma and the little sister of Salman Khan getting married on 18 November of 2018. They complete the celebration of the ceremony at the Falaknuma Palace of Hyderabad. Arpita Khan Husband and her family invite a lot of important person on the program. A lot of media and news coverage group cover the total news with joy. Even Salman Khan and another brother of her family also present there. For this reason, most of the friends are says that the girl is really lucky to have a brother like Salman Khan.

Son and baby name and current profession

arpita khan son baby

At the current time, there is a baby. The Aayush and Arpita Khan Son name is Ahil. And Ahil’s uncle (SK) love her a lot. This couple has the son at 2016 and now they are happy a lot.

Fans have doubt about the profession of Arpita. Is she an actress of the designer? The answer is, she I both of actress and fashion designer. According to the talent, she is an amazing lady and has a lot of success in her professional sector. But acting is not her main profession. She is a full-time fashion designer.

After sharing all kind of information here I want to say you that, Arpita Khan Baby name is selected by her. Salman or other person does not work behind that. She is too much conscious about her family and sons. Hope you are now glad after knowing that. Keep visiting livetohall.com and share us on Facebook.


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