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Ankush Hazra age, height, photo, movie and phone number


Ankush Hazra is the well-known Indian Bangla Kolkata actor. At the beginning part of 2014, he starts her acting career on Tollywood. From the very beginning part of her acting life, he is a successful actor. Most of her movie is commercial and have acted with the various actress. On the society of Girls who loves the movie of Tollywood are make a craze about Ankush. In this article, we are going to present the age, height photo, movie, and phone number.


Ankush Hazra lifestyle and biography

ankush hazra and shuvosri

According to birth, Ankush is an Indian. Professional actor. In Tollywood, he is one of most accepted actor just because of her hard work. On all of her movie, he was dance also better. Her father and mother are from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But he born At Bardhhaman on west Bengali. From the very early time of her childhood, he was dreamed for being as: an actor. In fact, after having the chance to study electronic engineering at well famous university in India, he rejects this proposal just because of her passion.

Ankush Hazra age: The acting career stat when Ankush Hazra age was 23. He born on 1989 in India. On nationality, he is a Bengali. But by born, he is an Indian. According to live the family law, he follows the religion streaming of Hinduism.


Ankush Hazra height, eye and hair color

ankush hazra photography
ankush hazra photo

The actor is not like another tall actor of Kolkata. Ankush Hazra is only 5 feet 9 inch without shoes. And black eyes are natural black and its look like Asian people. Most of the time for shooting purpose he colored her hair by various texture. But naturally, it is black.


Ankush Hazra movies list from beginning

ankush hazra photography

At the time of 2010 when he started her career on Tollywood world, kellafote is the first film on her life. This film was not made too many hits. After the movie, he got a proposal to make a movie named idiot with another Tollywood actress subhasree Ganguly. This movie and all of its songs were become super hit. Later he makes pair with her best friend Nusrat as a co-actress. This pair has few popular film like Khiladi, kanamachi and jamai 420. In fact, they are acting on Zulfiqar. But not as a pair.


On the Ankush Hazra movie list, he adds new dimension by acting with a Bangladeshi actress. He was acting on Romeo vs. Juliet with Mahia Mahi. Her another blockbuster movie is Ami sudhu cheyechi tomay. On the movie Bangladeshi musician, Hridoy khan was worked as music director.


Ankush Hazra phone number and address:

Kolkata girls are crazy for Ankush Hazra phone number and house address. He said fans are the blessing. But because of this blessing part, he cannot west her time, but he wants to do something for her fans. Crazy fans call him continuously TV and because of that, he has changed her phone number again and again. Her address is also important. He lives on Kolkata and gets busy always for her acting related work purpose.



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