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Tamim Iqbal salary

Tamim Iqbal salary each month from BCB

In Bangladeshi batting line up, Tamim Iqbal uses bat like a king. All those young players are want to know the batting skill and...
Mashrafe Mortaza salary from bcb

Mashrafe Mortaza salary each month from BCB

Mashrafe is the name of inspiration and new hope. Mashrafe Mortaza salary is now pretty well the other Bangladeshi player. From the very early...
Dev Bengali actor net worth

Dev Bengali actor net worth, per film rate and earning source

There is no doubt about that, Dev Is the richest actor in current Kolkata film industry. He gets heights 2 core rupees for per...
Highest paid actress in Tollywood

Highest paid actress in Tollywood Bengali movie at recent time

There are a lot of brilliant actress in Kolkata. They are fall in the race for highest paid actress in Tollywood each year. For...
Dev family photo with father

Bengali actor Dev photo gallery free download

Crazy about actor Dev? No matter we are going to present Bengali actor Dev photo for you. Fans important girls will be happy after...
Dev salary per movie

Dev salary per movie at current time and afford he gave

Dev is a professional actor in Tollywood industry now a day. And he is now a lot of serious about her profession. Dev salary...
Salman khan slaps Bengali actor Dev

Salman khan slaps Bengali actor Dev with photos

Few of people think this is a false talk. But really Salman Khan slaps Bengali actor Dev during the shooting of movie Ek Tha...
Dev and Subhashree marriage in movie set

Dev Bengali actor marriage photos and images

This funny thing is coming again. Few People think that actor Dev is lead a married life. But this is the entirely wrong idea....
Dev and Subhashree marriage

Dev and Subhashree marriage relationship, interview and weeding

The rumor about Dev and Subhashree marriage related topic comes again. Actually, if you want to know who they are, then they are the...
Dev family photo with father

Bengali actor Dev family photo, house, girlfriend and wife

Most of Bengali movie lover girls are want to be the girlfriend of Dev. So here we present Bengali actor Dev family photo and...

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